Ford Commercial Line of Credit


Free up your cashflow you need to keep your business running smoothly or invest in your expansion! With a Ford Pro Line of Credit, you get pre-approved to add vehicles to your fleet when you need them without having to jump through financial hoops every time! Once approved, you have that credit there waiting when you need it the most. LOC’s start at $250,000, there are no fees, and covers all of your vehicle financing needs. Let a Ford Pro LOC take your business to the next level today!

Commercial Line of Credit (CLOC)
Customer Guide Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ford Pro™ FinSimple™ advance funds to the customer at the time of approval of the CLOC?
No. Ford Pro FinSimple does not advance funds directly when the CLOC is approved. The CLOC limit disclosed at the time of approval is a pre-approved amount only that you may use for the purchase or lease of commercial vehicles with Ford Pro FinSimple through a Ford Dealer or Lincoln Retailer.
No. The CLOC amount set at the time of approval does not report on the borrower’s credit bureau. It is only an agreed upon level of pre-approved credit, which is subject to ongoing eligibility and periodic reviews. Only the debt related to vehicle purchases or leases through Ford Pro FinSimple will report on the borrower’s credit bureau.
Ford Pro FinSimple does not report the borrower debt to the personal or corporate guarantor’s credit bureaus. Ford Pro FinSimple would pull the personal/corporate guarantor’s credit bureau when establishing or renewing the CLOC.
We are happy to help! Please contact the Ford Pro FinSimple team via email at or by phone at 1-800-567-2426 ext. 17251. Alternatively, you can visit your Ford Dealer or Lincoln Retailer or contact your dedicated Commercial Business Development Manager here.
You will begin receiving reminder notices from the Ford Pro FinSimple team that the CLOC is due for renewal. The notice will identify what is needed to renew the CLOC and where the required information should be sent.
The CLOC will expire, and you may no longer be able to finance vehicles with Ford Pro FinSimple until the line is re-established and approved. The Ford Pro FinSimple team will attempt to make contact with you prior to the CLOC expiration date.