Ford has a new electrified vision going forward that requires Canadian Ford dealers to invest into, build, and share in this vision with Ford.  As of 2023, two out our three Ford dealers have agreed to and invested heavily in this vision, and Hunter Ford is proud to be one of them!   We are excited, prepared, and share in Ford’s vision of an electrified future, and we look forward to the exciting product and dealership changes that come along with it!

Which EV is Right for You?

BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) are 100% powered by a rechargeable battery. This line of vehicles is expanding quickly!

Vehicles with Electric Options:
  • 2023 Mustang Mach-E
  • 2023 F-150 Lightning
  • 2023 E-Transit
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HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) uses both battery tech and a gas engine to give superior gas mileage and the ability to charge the battery while in motion.

Vehicles with Hybrid Options:
  • 2023 F-150 Powerboost
  • 2023 Escape Hybrid
  • 2023 Explorer Hybrid
  • 2023 Maverick Hybrid
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PHEV (Plug-In Electric Hybrid) equips a larger battery than HEVs for longer battery only commutes, with the ability to plug-in or use the gas engine to recharge.

Vehicles with Plug-In Hybrid Options:
  • 2023 Escape PHEV
  • 2023 Explorer PHEV
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Charging At Home

Plug-in at home! Ford has three at home charging solutions, some of which come with your vehicle! There’s a solution for every need; from 120v and 240v plug solutions to a fully integrated Ford Connected Charge Station. Combined with the assistance of your FordPass app, you’ll be able to maximize your comfort and range with the push of a button.

48 kilometres Average range per charging hour.

The fastest way to charge your EV is with Ford’s Connected Charge Station with 48A or 80A of power. Available for purchase from or included with select Ford BEV’s, this is a hard-wired unit connected directly to your home to provide you with fast, reliable power. 48A version will charge both BEVs and PHEVs, the 80A version BEVs only. Extended battery variants will charge 0% to 100% in approximately 10.9 hours, vehicle depending. Licensed electrical professional installation required.

32 kilometres Average range per charging hour.

This charger uses a 240v plug, the same type as your dryer or stove uses and is no slouch when charging your Ford EV! With 32 amps of power your charge times from 0% to 100% will vary between 13 and 15 hours on average, vehicle depending. This charging solution comes standard with most Ford BEV vehicles, and requires professional licenced electrical installation.

5 kilometres Average range per charging hour.

The standard charger equipped on most Ford BEVs, this is the most versatile charger that Ford provides. It’s a portable solution meant for home or kept in your vehicle just in case. No installation required! This charger plugs directly into any 120v (“home style”) electrical socket. Great for use at a cottage, or when you just need to top up a bit more range. This solution is not ideal for most daily BEV users as charging from 0% to 100% takes between 50 and 90 hours, vehicle depending.

Charging On The Road

The Blue Oval Network of charging stations are in abundance, and conveniently located throughout North America.  Use your FordPass app, or your SYNC4 infotainment system in your Ford BEV and you’ll be able to see where your closest or preferred chargers are, if they’re available to use, and the cost.  With over 13,500 charging stations, it is the largest public charging network available for BEV owners today!